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Caretta giggle, noting the seriousness is Alice’s voice. “Oh, Alice, just calm down, Love.” She giggled again as Alice shook her head, placing her forefinger on her bottom lip in thought. “Hmm…” Everything she thought of was too late to engage in, unless they didn’t mind being caught sneaking through school grounds at night, getting themselves a million detentions. Caretta, absent-minded, stared at the cat circling Alice’s feet. “How cute,” she stated, in a sortof blank manner. “Alice, my mind is at a complete blank.” Caretta frowned, studying Alice’s face. noticing her blush, one quickly arose in her own cheeks. “U-Uh, yes, Alice…?” She looked down as Alice did, biting her lip. What was Alice thinking? 

She stared off in the distance, avoiding complete eye contact with Caretta. Closing her eyes she began to speak, her voice soft and had a tone of nervousness. “I know this is completely off topic, but, what’s your sexuality?” She quickly turned to the fireplace, looking at the fire. Her back, now facing Caretta, was covered in goosebumps, along with her arms and legs, Was it just cold or was it the question she asked. She didn’t know. Waiting for Caretta’s answer, she brought her right hand to her face and bit on her thumb.

Caretta studied Alice, why was she acting this way? She looked so nervous and shy, it was so… cute. Caretta blushed, biting her lip as Alice began to speak. “W-What…?” She tilted her head in the absurdity of the random comment. Of course Alice knew…? Caretta cleared her throat, and swallowed. “W-Well… I’m bi-sexual, I suppose. I mainly go with the flow… I don’t mind what’s… There, if you understand.” She chuckled nervously, noticing Alice’s goosebumps in the firelight. “What… What about you?”, she replied nervously, biting her lip as Alice bit her thumb. 

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