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She held out her hand and took the towel back, folding it up and placing it in top of the fireplace. She then turned back to Caretta, with her hands on her waist, and smiled at her once more. “Of course I’m right.” She held up her hand, only her ring finger and pinky folded down. “You gotta love me.” She straightened herself and and folded her arms. “Hmm, believe it or not, but I’m actually not tired. We should do something fun that can help us get tired!” She giggled.

She smiled and shook her head. “Arrogant as ever, Ms. Alice.” Chuckling, she stared at the way Alice’s fingers were folded and again, licked her lips. Lately, Caretta had been VERY frustrated with herself. “Oh, of course I do, Alice. Every bit of you.” She winked, again giggling. “Ugh, Alice, me neither, but, yes, we should! What would you like to do, Love?” Caretta smiled, awaiting her response. 

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    She continued studying Alice, noticing her worried lines, her frown, the concern as she closed and opened her eyes. She...
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