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Alice, bearing a towel around her torso, was finally coming in for the night. She had been out swimming all day with Rockafella. She needed the excersize; she had skipped her hour yesterday. Once in the common room, she sighed in relief, closing her eyes, and unwrapped the towel, revealing her in her tight aqua trimmed black two piece. She placed the towel on her head and opened her eyes, seeing Caretta seated in the chair propped by the fireplace. “Caretta?” She tilted her head, approaching her, her hair still dripping as she removed the towel from her head.

Caretta was sitting near the fireplace, twiddling a quill between her thumb and forefinger. She sighed loudly, studying the empty Common Room. She hadn’t heard from Xemnas in days, nor Luxio. ‘I wonder what was bothering him so badly…,’ Caretta wondered. Again she sighed, not noticing Alice as she approached her. Hearing her name, she instictvely turned her head a jumped a bit from the seat. “Oh!… Oh, it’s you Alice.” Through her surprise, she let a soft smile embrace her lips. Caretta turned her head back to the quill in her palm and sighed again, biting her lip in thought. “Alice, I’m devastatingly bored, I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself.”, she said with a chuckle. 

She smiled at her and sat in her lap, taking the quill out of her hand and brushing it across her face. “How about you take your mind of Xemnas, Hmm? I know you’re thinking of him, it’s written all over your face. I’m worried too, but he’ll talk to us when he’s ready.” She stood back up and dropped the towel on top of Caretta’s head, giggling softly as her face disappeared. She didn’t like when Caretta, nor Xemnas, was in a blank or depressed mood, but she always made sure she tried her best to bring up their mood.

Caretta blushed as she felt the feather touch her face, looking up at Alice who had decided to plop into her lap. “A-Alice..” She bit her lip, shaking her head. “Well, he’s just a good friend, and I’m worried.. But you’re right..” As Alice left her lap, she couldn’t help but study her body. ‘A-Alice…' The blush refused to leave Caretta's cheeks, and she was thankful as the towel was dropped over her head. She giggled as Alice did, also thankful she was back here to help her out of this mood. “Thank you, Darling, but I don't need this.” She pulled the towel off her head and smiled, licking her lips and holding it out to Alice. 

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