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Xemnas was in the Ravenclaw Common Room, Quill in hand as he pondered on his Herbology essay. He was thinking of Lily, how he always had to help her in Herbology, where she was just so hopeless… Xem chuckled. He sighed and sucked on the end of his quill, flipping the corner of the paper inbetween his fingertips with his other hand. Xemnas stared into the fire, tilting his head in thought.

Caretta walked from the Girl’s Dormitories, down the stairs and into the common room. She was wearing a skirt and a simple fitted collar shirt. Classes were off for a few days due to holidays, and she was stuck inside due to homework. To Carettas surprise, she found Xemnas sitting in one of the squishy chairs in front of the fire. “Xemmy!” She smiled, sitting next to him and resting her head on his shoulder. “What’re you doing? Hm hm?” Caretta peaked over his shoulder, tilting her head side to side to make out the words.

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