I think I’ma get off for the night.

Goodnight everyone. 

@ Caretta


She slightly blushed at the intertwining of their hands. She didn’t care how much make-up she thought she needed, she held true beauty underneath all of it. She saw it, rarely, from time to time, when she would actually wake-up before her. “Caretta, you may not see it, but you have talent. I don’t know anyone else who can give as great of advice as you. And you CAN sing, I hear you when you’re in the showers.” She giggled.  Taking their intertwined hands into her free hand, she kissed her hand, smiling at her.

Caretta sighed and shook her head continuously through Alice’s words, squeezing her hand lightly. “Really Alice, you’re so nice and all but you’re a real bad liar.” She smiled and winked up at Alice from her lap, closing her eyes. “Caretta. Singing… Me. Singing. Ahahahaha.” She blushed as Alice kissed her hand, holding it and Alice’s hand close to her chest when she was done. “…It’s really hard to believe you to be honest.” 

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